Pullerter i Aabenraa – Bollards in Aabenraa

Site-specific performative sound piece for 5 local volunteer singers, voice improvisations, field recordings and an amplified bollard
Commission for Metropolis – Performing Landscapes.

© Palle Peter Skov

5 volunteer locals agreed to make voice improvisations on top of the field recordings made of the bollards of the harbour of Aabenraa.
This became the outset of the piece: Bollards in Aabenraa for five performers, prerecorded bollards and voice improvisations and amplified bollard.
Premiere 8th and 9th September 2023.

Pictures from the process here:

Click here to read the interview with Sanne Jacobsen about the project and her participation.

A huge thanks to:

Performers/singers: Lars Petersen, Line Mandahl, Torben Groos, Sanne Jacobsen and Lotte Køhn.

and Metropolis for commissioning the work.

Read more about Metropolis and the project Performing Landscapes here: