sound – body – space

(c) Franco Ross Adams

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Encompassing spatiality, tactility, movement and sound, Lindemann’s work examines the space between you and I.
Juxtaposing themes such as synchronicity and discrepancy Lindemann explores the drive towards the other as a primal force and existential conflict. Here, the sound and the physicality of the body form the core in a sensory investigation of that place where human boundaries are blurred, the places we entangle and the places we are delimited. 

‘Lindemann’s work is an invitation to draw you into that latent virtual potential inherent in the interaction between beings who mistake themselves for being separate individuals, that place we can occupy and invent together once we drop the defences. It’s an invitation and one that is well worth accepting’
Macon Holt, Passive-Agressive

Lindemann has toured in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Poland and South Africa as both a performer and composer. As a musician she received the Dioraphte Gold Award from the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, the 1st prize in the TUF chamber music competition along with numerous grants from i.a. The Danish Arts Council, KodaKultur, Augustinusfonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Den Ingwersenske Fond, Artisten, William Demant Fonden etc.

Kirstine is a strong, upcoming voice on the scene of new music. With distinctive works where sensuality and physical expression reaches beyond the music, Kirstine mesmerizes her audience through her inciting presence.’
Kitt Johnson, X-act

She received the Pelle Prize in 2024 as well as the talent prize from Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s foundation in 2021 for her work as a composer, which in later years have been performed at Impuls Festival (AT), 2k+ Series (SRB), Klang Festival (DK), Trugschluss (DE), Echoraum (AT), Heroines of Sound (DE), Spazju Kreattiv – Malta (MT), Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (DE), Inter Arts Center (SE), Frequenz Festival (DE), Harpa (IS), Musik der Jahrhunderte (DE), Helsinki Music Centre (FI), Metropolis KBH (DK), Neue Musik am KULTUM (DE), Sound of Stockholm (SE) among many others.
From 2020 Lindemann was a part of the programme ‘The Young Artistic Elite’ from the Danish Arts Council which supports Danish artists over the course of two years.

It was liberating when Kirstine Lindemann joined and led the synth-aesthetics away from itself and into the body. The piece, TRIO, fascinated by its telepathy between the two performers, who – with eyes closed – seemed introspective and connected at the same time (…) What did Lindemann’s x-ray display? A curious release of the minimoog as a part of a bodily ritual.
Jakob Gustav Winckler, Seismograf (free translation from Danish)

Lindemann’s piece, ‘Further & Back’ is nominated for the European Radio Prize, Hidden Treasures Mixtape organised by The International Rostrum for Composers. The piece has been performed in numerous versions, i.a. by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. In 2023 the piece was released by Damkapellet and Dacapo Records on the critically acclaimed debut album, Demiurge.

The most exciting part of the summercourse (Darmstädter Ferienkursen 2018) was presented by the workshop participants. (…) Expectations were high from the outset, with faculty bearing names such as Kubisch or Walshe, but experiences such as those from the young artists Yiran Zhao and Kirstine Lindemann from the composer-performer workshop went beyond even these.’
Juana Zimmermann, Neue Musik Zeitung

Lindemann has lectured at i.a. Brunel University (ENG), The Danish National Academy (DK), Rhythmic Music Conservatory (DK) and the Anton Bruckner Private University (AT).
Currently Lindemann is part of the curated residency programme Aabne Scene at Godsbanen, Aarhus and an active member of the feminist ensemble, Damkapellet.

Lindemann’s upcoming works can be experienced at a.o. mumok Vienna, SPOT Festival Aarhus and Cisternerne in Copenhagen along with the collaboration of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation on the piece, Cyborg Songs. Cyborg Songs is written for P2 talent prize winner, Louise McClelland Jacobsen and will be premiered in collaboration with EnsembleMidtVest. You can hear the premiere at Nørre Vosborg on June 29th or broadcasted on DR P2 in the podcast about the making of the piece.

(c) Franco Ross Adams