Thanks for a wonderful Klang

160622: Seismograf wrote about the Mini Moog Project and my piece, TRIO at Klang:

Heroines of Sound coming up

08.07.22: Heroines of Sound is coming up. So excited to be part of this fantastic festival taking place at Radialsystem, Berlin on 7th – 9th of July. OTHER EYE will be presenting some of our best hits along with my new piece for Sebastian Berweck and the Mini Moog Project. Check it out here:

Concerts at Klang
– Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival

15.06.22: On Wednesday 15th of June at 22.00 Sebastian Berweck’s Mini Moog is kicking off at Klang Festival at Musikhuset, Copenhagen. I’ve had the great pleasure to write a piece for the project: TRIO will be premiered on 15.06, performed by Sebastian and I. Read more about the concert here:
TRIO is written with the kind support of Koda Kultur

10.06.22: On Friday 10th of June at 21.30 Ensemble Transduct will premiere my new work ‘GRIDS’.
The wonderful Damkapellet is on before us, come join us all in Musikhuset, Copenhagen!
Read more about the festival and the concerts here:
GRIDS is written with the kind support of Augustinus Fonden, Koda Kultur og Statens Kunstfond.

Opening of the sound installation ‘Rauschen’ by Trugschluss Kollektiv

02.04.22: Tonight the Trugschluss Kollektiv is opening their Soundinstallation RAUSCHEN at Kunstlabor in München. I had the grand pleasure to contribute with sounds along with wonderful colleagues. Visit Kunstlabor 2 at Dachauer Str. 90 in Munich or check out the project here: or see the teaser here:

New commission for ensemble Transduct

11.03.22: New music in the making at Inter Arts Center Malmö. Premiere at Klang Festival 2022. 
Thank you IAC for a wonderful time and to Augustinus Fonden, Koda Kultur and Statens Kunstfond for making this possible.

Residency at Aabne Scene, Aarhus
Between Strings feat. Between Feathers

19.02.22: A new piece is in the making featuring the magic Between Feathers ensemble (AT) and the installation, Between Strings. Thank you Aabne Scene and Between Feathers for an incredible time!
Premiere in Vienna at Brick-15 on July 13th.
If you want to sneak peak, join us for the showcase on April 23rd at Aabne Scene, Godsbanen.
Also great thanks to Statens Kunstfond and Koda Kultur for making this collaboration possible.

Sounds from Kettles – premiere at Sound of Stockholm 2021

23.11.21: New collaborative work with composer Jaime Belmonte, presented by Sound of Stockholm and Konstmusiksystrar.

Between Strings #2 at Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst

16.08.21 – 19.08.21: I had the pleasure to be part of Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst in Kiel. Among many other wonderful things on the programme I presented Between Strings #2, written for 1 performer, string installation and 5 participating audience members. Thanks Frequenz for having us and for making this little insight in the work.

OTHER EYE is performing at SOMMER IM STUTTGART 23.07.21

16.07.21: On Friday 23rd of July OTHER EYE is performing at the SOMMER IN STUTTGART Festival by ECLAT Festival / Musik der Jahrhunderte

If you are around, you can join our concerts in Theaterhaus Stuttgart !!LIVE!!. There will also be streaming.
Check the concert’s program and tickets here:

Great thanks to ECLAT / Musik der Jahrhunderte for inviting us, and to the Stuttgarter Kollektiv für aktuelle Musik e.V., Stadt Stuttgart, Inter Arts CenterStatens Kunstfond & Dansk Komponistforening for the support to make this happen.

Talent Prize from Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Legat

(c) Kristoffer Juel Poulsen

09.06.21: On the birthday of Carl Nielsen I had the exquisite honor of receiving the Talent Prize of 100.0000 DKK for my work as a composer.
Tune into Kulturen på P1 to hear more about my work and the prize: (00.33.28)

Further & Back and Melody Grand Prix of Composers in P2-koncerten

Collage by Mika Persdotter Svensson // P2-koncerten live from Klang Festival June 2020

31.03.21: Tune into P2-koncerten on 19.20 on Monday 31st of March to hear more about the Melody Grand Prix of Composers and my piece Further & Back performed by Damkapellet:

Robin Hood is named the theater play of the year 2020

02.02.21: Copenhagen Culture named Folketeatret’s production Robin Hood the best show of the year in the category childen and youth-shows.
Click here to check the nominations and winners.
I’m proud of being part of the team writing and performing the music together with Jullie Hjetland & Hans Find Møller.

Further & Back nominated for the Eurovision of Composers

18.01.21: The Danish National Radio has nominated ‘Further & Back’ performed by Damkapellet for the International Eurovision for Composers, organized by the International Rostrum of Composers.
Lots of amazing composers. Click here to check them out.
The vote already ended, still waiting to get the final result!

Tuning in to Neue Vocalsolisten

15.12.20: Neue Vocalsolisten are performing Further & Back in their concert series Magische Räume

Premiere at Folketeatret

15.10.20: Getting ready for the premiere Robin Hood at Folketeatret
Happy to write for and play music with this wonderteam.

Commission for Between Feathers

20.11.21 Excited to be invited to write music for Between Feathers, a quartet of accordeon, voice, flute and percussion and wonderful musicians. Today we got the news that Statens Kunstfond has granted support for the composer fee.