Between Strings

Sound installation for seven strings, amplification, lights and moving performers.

(c) Kristoffer Juel Poulsen

The installation had its premiere at Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst, Kiel, in the summer 2021 with the piece Between Strings #2 made for the installation, 1 performer and 5 participating audience members.

Alexandra Hallén performing Between Strings #2 at Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst (c) Mona Krüger

Click below to see the video from Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst 2021.

The installation was developed on the initiative of the Vienna-based quartet, Between Feathers consisting of voice, percussion, flute and accordion for whom a new commissioned piece is written, premiere July 2022 at Brick-15, Vienna. The installation will also form part of a new commission by Gong Festival and Damkapellet, premiere September 2022 in Copenhagen.

Between Strings #2 performed by 5 audience members and performer Alexandra Hallén at Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst, Kiel (c) Monica Krüger