Between Strings

A sound installation for seven strings, amplification, lights and moving performers.

(c) Kristoffer Juel Poulsen

Demonstration of the installation

Click the video below to see a demonstration of Between Strings in the first working phase when creating the installation.
An improvisation made at Aabne Scene, Godsbanen 2020.

Film by Kristoffer Juel Poulsen

About the construction of Between Strings

The installation consists of 7 strings in different materials, hemp string, wire and elastic band, buckled out in space over the course of 5-10 metres. The original version is shaped as an L-form, amplified by acoustic resonance chambers and contact mics with electronic filters. The strings are played by walking striking them with the finger tips.

In the next, upcoming piece, String Theory, a large amount of extra strings will be added, whereof the main part will be drawn from one center of the installation and buckled out among the audience, thus letting the audience stand within the installation.

Acoustically the installation works in 2 layers:
1) Local sound sources with acoustic resonance chambers
2) An electronic quadrophonic-set-up, sending the sound from the four corners of the room towards the installation.

Due to this set-up, the installation sounds differently depending on your position in the room.

The electronic filters can be adjusted so the electronic layer of the instrument can be changed significantly depending on the piece.

Works written for Between Strings

Between Strings #3 (2022)
Written for and performed by Damkapellet (DK) at Teater S/H in Copenhagen
Written for six performers incl. 2 celli, 1 viola, voice, gesture and Between Strings
Commissioned by ALICE works and Gong Tomorrow and supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Between Conditions (2022)
Written for and performed by Between Feathers (AT) with the support of The Danish Arts Foundation and Koda Kultur.

Between Strings #2 (2021)
Written for 1 performer, 5 participating audience members and Between Strings.
Commissioned by and premiered at Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst in Kiel, Germany.

More about each piece

Between Strings #3

Written for and commisioned by Damkapellet and ALICE cph the piece was written for 2 celli, 1 viola, gestures and Between Strings. Based on the idea of merging the installation with the acoustic string instruments in long unisono lines, each musical figure rotates within the repetition of a fixed structure and transforms between the parts.

Line up: Ida Nørby (DK), Irene Bianco (IT), Josefine Weber Hansen, Nicole Hogstrand (SE), Pauline Hogstrand (SE) and Randi Pontoppidan (DK).
Premiered at Teater S/H on September 3rd 2022.

Between Conditions

The installation was developed on the initiative of the Vienna-based quartet, Between Feathers, for whom the first commissioned piece was made: Premiered July 2022 at Brick-15, Vienna.
The quartet consists of percussionist Hannes Schöggl, accordionist Maria Mogas Gensana, flutist Audrey G. Perreault and singer Elīna Viļuma-Helling.
The piece Between Conditions was written for accordion, voice and 4 moving performers.

Click below to see a movie about the collaboration and our residency at Aabne Scene, Godsbanen, winter 2022.

Photo by Valentin Malanetski

Picture from the rehearsal period before the premiere of the piece, Between Conditions, at Brick-15, Vienna, Austria

Between Strings #2

For 1 performer, 5 participating audience members and Between Strings.
Between Strings #2 was developed on the request of Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst, Kiel, Germany.
With the intention of creating a new way of dealing with audience-participation, Between Strings #2 was made.
5 audience members were invited to arrive 40 minutes in advance of the concert to learn the piece and then perform for the rest of the audiences.
They were lead through the piece by the performer and the light settings.
The piece was developed during residencies at ALICE cph and Inter Arts Center, Malmö 2021.

Click below to see the video from Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst 2021.

Alexandra Hallén performing Between Strings #2 at Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst (c) Mona Krüger

Between Strings #2 performed by 5 participating audience members and performer Alexandra Hallén at Frequenz – Festival der Klangkunst, Kiel, Germany (c) Monica Krüger